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by NemoX7

Hi, Nemo, guess who! I managed my way through the archaic-speak, and the length of this piece, and have come out the other side with an appreciation of your obvious efforts, and also am left, as a reader, with several issues to suggest edits for: The first thing I found myself doing right off as I b...

My admiration for this capture is heightened by #1: the use of black and white film, and #2: the way the photographer has set the lighting on the model’s skin. His choice of light and background brings out a satin tone, giving gradation of grays that impress the viewer with variations across every i...


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Scrabble Love in Autumn by KmyGraphic
For years, there are poets who's works I adore who have been Poet Laureates of the United States that I want to share.  So have a seat around me, my darlings, and lean in close as I read some treasures to make you smile.  I hope you'll enjoy, and that your Autumn will be a pleasant memory come Wintertime (unless you're in the southern hemisphere).  For this journal, I have the pleasure to offer selected poetry by Poet Laureates Billy Collins, and Charles Simic (chosen randomly from a multitude of books I have on both of them).

Also, the lovely :iconladylincoln: invited me to be the Featured Poet in her latest volume of The Ladies of Lit, Volume LXX!  Wow, it's hard to believe it's reached #70!  Please go over and give her, it, and all of of those in the volume for September some love! Thank you!:heart:

And now, on with the poetry!:

by Billy Collins ©, All rights reserved.

My favorite time to write is in the late afternoon,
weekdays, particularly Wednesdays.
This is how I go about it:
I take a fresh pot of tea into my studio and close the door.
Then I remove my clothes and leave them in a pile
as if I had melted to death and my legacy consisted of only
a white shirt, a pair of pants and a pot of cold tea.

Then I remove my flesh and hang it over a chair.
I slide it off my bones like a silken garment.
I do this so that what I write will be pure,
completely rinsed of the carnal,
uncontaminated by the preoccupations of the body.

Finally I remove each of my organs and arrange them
on a small table near the window.
I do not want to hear their ancient rhythms
when I am trying to tap out my own drumbeat.

Now I sit down at the desk, ready to begin.
I am entirely pure: nothing but a skeleton at a typewriter.

I should mention that sometimes I leave my penis on.
I find it difficult to ignore the temptation.
Then I am a skeleton with a penis at a typewriter.

In this condition I write extraordinary love poems,
most of them exploiting the connection between sex and

I am concentration itself: I exist in a universe
where there is nothing but sex, death, and typewriting.

After a spell of this I remove my penis too.
Then I am all skull and bones typing into the afternoon.
Just the absolute essentials, no flounces.
Now I write only about death, most classical of themes
in language light as the air between my ribs.

Afterward, I reward myself by going for a drive at sunset.
I replace my organs and slip back into my flesh
and clothes.  Then I back the car out of the garage
and speed through woods on winding country roads,
passing stone walls, farmhouses, and frozen ponds,
all perfectly arranged like words in a famous sonnet.

by Charles Simic ©, All rights reserved.

Old men have bad dreams,
So they sleep little.
They walk on bare feet
Without turning on the light,
Or they stand leaning
On gloomy furniture
Listening to their hearts beat.

The one window across the room
Is black like a blackboard.
Every old man is alone
In this classroom, squinting
At that fine chalk line
That divides being here
From being-here-no-more.

No matter.  It was a glass of water
They were going to get,
But not just yet.
They listen for mice in the walls,
A car passing on the street,
Their dead fathers shuffling past them
On their way to the kitchen.

Reading Myself to Sleep
by Billy Collins ©, All rights reserved.

The house is all in darkness except for this corner bedroom
where the lighthouse of a table lamp is guiding
my eyes through the narrow channels of print,

and the only movement in the night is the slight
swirl of curtains, the easy lift and fall of my breathing,
and the flap of pages as they turn in the wind of my hand.

Is there a more gentle way to go into the night
than to follow an endless rope of sentences
and then to slip drowsily under the surface of a page

into the first tentative flicker of a dream,
passing out of the bright precincts of attention
like cigarette smoke passing through a window screen?

All late readers know this sinking feeling of falling
into the liquid of sleep and then rising again
to the call of a voice that you are holding in your hands,

as if pulled from the sea back into a boat
where a discussion is raging on some subject or other,
on Patagonia or Thoroughbreds or the nature of war.

Is there a better method of departure by night
than this quiet bon voyage with an open book,
the sole companion who has come to see you off,

to wave you into the dark waters beyond language?
I can hear the rush and sweep of fallen leaves outside
where the world lies unconscious, and I can feel myself

dissolving, drifting into a story that will never be written,
letting the book slip to the floor where I will find it
in the morning when I surface, wet and streaked with

by Charles Simic ©, All rights reserved.

War, illness and famine will make you their favorite grandchild.
You'll be like a blind person watching a silent movie.
You'll chop onions and pieces of your heart
     into the same hot skillet.
Your children will sleep in a suitcase tied with a rope.
Your husband will kiss your breasts every night
     as if they were two gravestones.

Already the crows are grooming themselves
     for you and your people.
Your oldest son will lie with flies on his lips
     without smiling or lifting his hand.
You'll envy every ant you meet in your life
     and every roadside weed.
Your body and soul will sit on separate stoops
     chewing the same piece of gum.

Little cutie, are you for sale?  the devil will say.
The undertaker will buy a toy for your grandson.
Your mind will be a  hornet's nest even on your
You will pray to God but God will hang a sign
     that He's not to be disturbed.
Question no further, that's all I know.

               Chrysanthemums in Autumn by KmyGraphic
  • Listening to: The Civil Wars
  • Reading: Oxford's collection of American Poetry
  • Watching: MSNBC politics on TV w sound low
  • Eating: melon and apple and plum, oh my!
  • Drinking: always bottled cold spring water

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Temple of Isis, by Jade Pandora & Elan Hickler

The Flood - Katie Melua

Dois Irmaos - Como Vou Fazer - (Remix)

E Chiove - Andrea Bocelli

"Good reviews are bad for poets..."

"They tend to confirm one in one's own conceit -- unless they praise what you yourself don't like. Also, they make you self-conscious about your virtues -- just as when you praise a child for some natural charm. Also, they create an underground opposition: applause is the beginning of abuse. Also, they deprive you of your own anarchic liberties -- by electing you into the government. Also, they separate you from your devil, which hates being observed and only works happily incognito."

--from Ted Hughes to Anne Sexton, 1967

Jade's "S" Karuta card by moyanII

Karuta card S by moyanII

Loy Kratong - Thai Lantern festival by foureyes

I wrote a Tanka for Bernie when I saw one of his wonderful photographs from his Singapore set - I told him that it came to me like silk flowing over closed eyes:

Loy Kratong - Thai Lantern festival by foureyes
heavenly spirits
launching new stars
to join
the Milky Way arc
of dazzling lights

Review Competition 1.25.13


Hi, hon! As part of PoetryOD's Review Competition, I'm going to be reviewing you--as an artist--here in the comments!

"Jade-Pandora is a true haijin master with a flair for mixing the sensuality of an intimate relationship with the subtle romance of unbridled, untamed nature. The amount of imagery begot from just three lines is enough to keep readers enchanted. With a keen eye for detail and creative phrasing, Jade-Pandora's gallery is sure to keep you coming back for more!"


a poem written for & given to me by my lovely friend literary-love ...


you dance
with the abandon
of a gypsy,

your words
the golden bells
which knell
an invitation.

the bangles
on your wrists
jingle and ring,
jingle and sing
a resounding hymn,
one that draws my feet
to yours,

teaching me to dance
with the abandon
of a gypsy.


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MensjeDeZeemeermin Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016
I am very greatly honored by your interest and kind words.  I'll have a look through your work when I have the strength.
Jade-Pandora Featured By Owner Edited Nov 11, 2016
The door is always open.  Thank you, Wendy.:bow:
skycladarts Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016  Professional General Artist
many thanks for adding Dancing at Samhain to your favourites my friend, that is a great honour! :hug:
Jade-Pandora Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016
It's a real pleasure, my friend, and I was glad to see something written by you. :hug:
skycladarts Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Professional General Artist
Thank you, I may have a couple more coming up! :D
NemoX7 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2016   Writer
Happy birthday dear Jade. :heart: Sorry if a tad late, was meant to say earlier but fell asleep exhausted from studying. ^^;
Jade-Pandora Featured By Owner Edited Oct 5, 2016
Ahh no worries, dear Nemo... to hear from you anytime would be a treat.  So thank you so much for sending me your wishes!:heart:
Koppo Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2016
Happy bday Jadey  <33 :cake:
Jade-Pandora Featured By Owner Edited Oct 5, 2016
Thanks so much, Jobe, for thinking of me.:hug:
Koppo Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2016
always do Jadey. You're a muse of mine :)
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