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by NemoX7

Hi, Nemo, guess who! I managed my way through the archaic-speak, and the length of this piece, and have come out the other side with an appreciation of your obvious efforts, and also am left, as a reader, with several issues to suggest edits for: The first thing I found myself doing right off as I b...

My admiration for this capture is heightened by #1: the use of black and white film, and #2: the way the photographer has set the lighting on the model’s skin. His choice of light and background brings out a satin tone, giving gradation of grays that impress the viewer with variations across every i...


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Nov 23, 2015
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Fall Border plz by Roses-to-AshesToamna (autumn)_150 by KmyGraphicFall Border plz by Roses-to-Ashes

Adopted - Fall Leaves Avatar by elphaba-rose-wilde I've always loved when the time of year for Autumn & Halloween is upon us.  Now that it's arrived, I feel like celebrating some of the eye candy and poetry that abounds here at deviantART.  I'd like to start with a few of my own ode to Autumn lit pieces to kick things off, followed by a list of treats of all sorts.  Enjoy! (it's also my birthday in a few more minutes, yaaay!)

A face in the trees
forlorn against an
autumn sky, as branches are
stripped of past year's dead
petals, opened between the
expectation of their nests

Will I also return
I was young as spring,
and held to autumn's wind
like pomegranates  
in the highest branches,  
before crows hollowed them  
autumn flurries return
with the scent of fallen fruit,
dying leaves
crushed underfoot,  
shelter for next spring
   Autumn Haiku Renga
(A Collaboration)
captured in bishop's weed,
dancing shadows
of gypsy moths
amidst a scattering of leaves
one flaps its wings
the bellows wheeze-
wind stripping the old tree
in one day
schoolchildren arriving-
wind-blown leaves
raked into a pile
the crackle of flames-
dried leaves hurtling by
glinting on my windshield-
mist aspiring to rain
dust rising
where each drop lands-
first rain
through a veil
parted by zephyrs,
stars peeking
the past few days
a full moon
engorged for winter

  haiku of autumn
leaves    whispering
their death poems
                          to me
  Echos of Autumn PassingRows of dried corn stalks bend
with the wind that
thirsts for rain
that will only come when it has died
and the ears of corn cease to rattle.
And the thunder's distant laugh
will chase after the snakes  
heading for their mounds on higher ground,
their husks abandoned-
the flash floods may yet pass them by.

Jack-O-Lantern Divider by AngelicHellraiserJack-O-Lantern Divider by AngelicHellraiserJack-O-Lantern Divider by AngelicHellraiserJack-O-Lantern Divider by AngelicHellraiser

The colors of Autumn - Part IX by myINQI   Good Morning by Nelleke

Dark Autumn by Nelleke   Secret Places by Nelleke

Autumn splendor by matthieu-parmentier   2010-274 Beautiful Autumn by W0LLE

 Non, Je ne regrette rien by Krial6   A Colorado Autumn Along Kebler by kkart

Autumn Nymph by debNise   Magie d'automne by Le-Regard-des-Elfes

 why the leaves are red in autumn by Dariyen leaves are falling by look-out-sunshine

November in Paris by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov   Lovely Harbor by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov

AutumnTilting past the equinox
Slipping on the angled light
My place in time is losing tread
And falling into winter’s bite.
   Autumn was my first love.October, I follow you -
from the magic lights of New York
to moonshines in Georgia,
until the colors dissolve.
The anxious poetry of autumn
made a memory of me.
Here’s to things I take for granted:
September blues,
chasing airplanes,
country road thunderstorms.
Unspoken words, unwritten ideas.
October, I follow you;
I thought I saw you on the shore
where the river runs through gold
on the last boat leaving the city of a hundred spires -
or perhaps Pittsburgh
(it was the lights I guess).
Here’s to the things we leave behind:
sunbeams in November,
letters addressed to no one,
poems, wounds, dead birds.
I’ve got that summertime sadness.
Maybe you’re gonna come back;
we’re changing our ways, taking different roads
and loneliness knows me by name
but October, I follow you;
without you I’m a winter heart,
a love story you don’t want,
a November shade of grey hunting ghosts
in cities that sleep inside our heads.
You told me you lied the night you kiss

Autumn KissKiss me softly in the autumn,
For Indian summer's glare fades too soon,
And the wolf-wind winter
Is fast approaching your eyes.
   Mabonthere are dead leaves
sprouting from her amber spine,
reaching with child-fingers
to devour the sun.
her skin is freezing,
seeping winter through
november pores.
seeking warmth,
the whiskey tongues
of godless boys
wish to decipher
the atlas of her thighs.
counting the sleepy fireflies
alight in her lungs- there is
wanderlust churning & warming
her frostbitten heartstrings.
swinging pendulum hips,
"I am the tease of autumn flames.
I breathe in mint sunsets,
& gasoline dreams."

A Pile of Exiled LeavesLook:
under their father's roots,
oven-baked by progress
they stare at the stars,
ponder over their photosyn thesis'
and wonder where they'll land next.
Dry veins bringing
drought to the cuticle,
the rivers sprawling
like cobwebbed fingers
scratching cellulose into
eczema of the upper epidermis,
dirt-ink sketches bleeding softly
to the frayed edge of
mesophyllic parchment,
where Death took his scissors
and cut oblong hearts
from Life and into
the frigid air.
Dead gold,
curled up in amber wrinkles,
a million Queens of Spades
who played dead for too long.
   Interrupting the Fallbrittle carcasses
of autumn trees,
naked and bare,
swaying, contorting, like my feeble frame -
bending and breaking, breaking and bending,
under the pressure of
the words i speak to myself:
             simply cold, and harsh,
like an early winter,
interrupting the fall.

The extravagance of late autumn
In fallen apples, the bitter lees of wine
Strewn leaves, spilled blood
All of a color:
The aching profligacy of too late... 
Too late.
   Into The Woods
Into the woods
We go, we go
Time's on our side
So we take it slow
Into the woods
We run, we run
Obscured by fog
Unseen by everyone
Into the woods
We hide, we hide
Safe and sound
Once we're inside
Into the woods
We rush, we rush
To dark, soft soil
Those autumn leaves blush
Into the woods
We dash, we dash
The air so clean
Nature's breath so fresh
Once we are
Amongst the trees,
Once we are
We are free
Nothing's like the woods so deep.

  Elegy Of A Lost SeasonI am the fall.
Broken in June, buried in August -
haunting September from the boughs of hazel,
where not even the rain could reach me.
How my limbs ached to feel its soothing caress;
but my limbs felt nothing, and I felt nothing.
And the season moved on, without me.
Once, long ago, I was spring,
delicate and pure; fragile as willow seedlings,
believing themselves strong, as they stretch toward the sun -
before the wind breaks their stalks, and they fall
defeated, drained, limp upon the ground;
crushed and forgotten as tears.
But no, I was summer -
when I looked into your eyes for the first time
and forgot to curse the sun.
Tiny beads running down my neck;
hateful, so hateful - ignored, as you ensnared my senses.
You were summer, too
cradled in the branches of oak,
bright enough to burn my eyes and scorch my skin,
but never close enough to touch.
Until in your arms, I became summer,
and the sun could not outshine us.
But now I am winter -
numb and cold, faded, stripped and desolate;
a s

Samhain by Caelea    A Pumpkin Or Two by FANGIE-CHAN

Halloween by Umika-Sayoji    halloween yin by Apofiss

All Hallow's EveThe pale keening of cicadas
echoes in the sun's lingering hue
and on the horizon
smoke unfurls its wooded glory
through the glen.
Pumpkins crown the curling vines
in triumph,
waiting to be claimed
in greedy grasps
and turned like changeling goblins
after dark;
and this bright crush
of maize and barley
carves the crisp evening
and singes our eyes
in the fine glory of a psalm.
   All Hallows' Eve Greetings by ruina

autumn leaf - watercolor by RetroZombie   Autumn by Yukkabelle

leaf fall by Digithalieleaf fall by Digithalieleaf fall by Digithalie
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Temple of Isis, by Jade Pandora & Elan Hickler

The Flood - Katie Melua

Dois Irmaos - Como Vou Fazer - (Remix)

E Chiove - Andrea Bocelli

"Good reviews are bad for poets..."

"They tend to confirm one in one's own conceit -- unless they praise what you yourself don't like. Also, they make you self-conscious about your virtues -- just as when you praise a child for some natural charm. Also, they create an underground opposition: applause is the beginning of abuse. Also, they deprive you of your own anarchic liberties -- by electing you into the government. Also, they separate you from your devil, which hates being observed and only works happily incognito."

--from Ted Hughes to Anne Sexton, 1967

Jade's "S" Karuta card by moyanII

Karuta card S by moyanII

Loy Kratong - Thai Lantern festival by foureyes

I wrote a Tanka for Bernie when I saw one of his wonderful photographs from his Singapore set - I told him that it came to me like silk flowing over closed eyes:

Loy Kratong - Thai Lantern festival by foureyes
heavenly spirits
launching new stars
to join
the Milky Way arc
of dazzling lights

Review Competition 1.25.13


Hi, hon! As part of BloodshotInk's Review Competition, I'm going to be reviewing you--as an artist--here in the comments!

"jade-pandora is a true haijin master with a flair for mixing the sensuality of an intimate relationship with the subtle romance of unbridled, untamed nature. The amount of imagery begot from just three lines is enough to keep readers enchanted. With a keen eye for detail and creative phrasing, jade-pandora's gallery is sure to keep you coming back for more!"


a poem written for & given to me by my lovely friend poetries ...


you dance
with the abandon
of a gypsy,

your words
the golden bells
which knell
an invitation.

the bangles
on your wrists
jingle and ring,
jingle and sing
a resounding hymn,
one that draws my feet
to yours,

teaching me to dance
with the abandon
of a gypsy.


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