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by NemoX7

Hi, Nemo, guess who! I managed my way through the archaic-speak, and the length of this piece, and have come out the other side with an appreciation of your obvious efforts, and also am left, as a reader, with several issues to suggest edits for: The first thing I found myself doing right off as I b...

My admiration for this capture is heightened by #1: the use of black and white film, and #2: the way the photographer has set the lighting on the model’s skin. His choice of light and background brings out a satin tone, giving gradation of grays that impress the viewer with variations across every i...


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Aug 28, 2015
6:44 am
Aug 27, 2015
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Aug 26, 2015
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Aug 25, 2015
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Aug 25, 2015
4:25 am
I’ve been tagged by the wonderful LiliWrites to participate in a Community Volunteer project in which they will be highlighting their favourite Daily Deviations featured within the recent weeks! The CVs would like to encourage the community to join in on this project by simply going through the Daily Deviations page and collecting some of their favourite pieces of art within a journal titled "My Daily Deviation Highlights".  To help spread awareness and love for Daily Deviations and our fellow deviant artists.  So give it a go!

Here now are some of my favourite Daily Deviations over the latest recent weeks:

presages de printempsin the sparkle-sound of rain
I hear your voice
as the day-crows return
to tangled nests

The Death that is Left BehindI.
Somewhere beneath
the layers laid,
alone is a man who scrapes
outward.  He is
like the child fallen
down a deep well, who
sees the way is up and yet
scratches stone walls
instead--the flesh of
fingers giving way, symbolizing
a waning vivacity sealed
in the center of his diamond-hard
Sound is a physic;  music, a friction--
white hot motion to motionless 
souls.  It is pain and heat, terrible
and beautiful, healing, and the death
that is left behind.  

  days I
   watch you
 rise and rage
with a new year
firework fervour–
untamed and glorious,
pulling the years together
with  a snap of  your fingers.
but some days you are languid,
stretching like the summer dusting
of freckles along your forearms, the
slumberous strands of hair shuttering
your sky-eyes from the morning light.
on these days, I think the earth spins
slower and the birds sing a little
quieter. on these days, I look
at you and I think:

Image by dasTOK :icondastok:

drift by HeatherHowellArt :iconheatherhowellart:

Selfie/Cityscape by Ulprus :iconulprus:

A little elephant by IgnisFatuusII :iconignisfatuusii:

pianist by vlakrisenko :iconvlakrisenko:

breakfast by ElenaShved :iconelenashved:

Please use hashtag #DDHighlights so your journal can be found. You may choose to feature deviations from all categories, or you can focus your journals on a specific category such as Photography, Fan Art, Manga/Anime or whatever suits you! This is a very open project in which creativity in the way you choose to highlight Daily Deviations is welcome and encouraged!

Tagging is not mandatory, but it is fun. :plotting: I tag: betwixtthepages, hopeburnsblue, nightshade-keyblade, BlackBowfin, shep4life
                       Girl 2 by Digithalie


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Temple of Isis, by Jade Pandora & Elan Hickler

The Flood - Katie Melua

Dois Irmaos - Como Vou Fazer - (Remix)

E Chiove - Andrea Bocelli

"Good reviews are bad for poets..."

"They tend to confirm one in one's own conceit -- unless they praise what you yourself don't like. Also, they make you self-conscious about your virtues -- just as when you praise a child for some natural charm. Also, they create an underground opposition: applause is the beginning of abuse. Also, they deprive you of your own anarchic liberties -- by electing you into the government. Also, they separate you from your devil, which hates being observed and only works happily incognito."

--from Ted Hughes to Anne Sexton, 1967

Jade's "S" Karuta card by moyanII

Karuta card S by moyanII

Loy Kratong - Thai Lantern festival by foureyes

I wrote a Tanka for Bernie when I saw one of his wonderful photographs from his Singapore set - I told him that it came to me like silk flowing over closed eyes:

Loy Kratong - Thai Lantern festival by foureyes
heavenly spirits
launching new stars
to join
the Milky Way arc
of dazzling lights

Review Competition 1.25.13


Hi, hon! As part of BloodshotInk's Review Competition, I'm going to be reviewing you--as an artist--here in the comments!

"jade-pandora is a true haijin master with a flair for mixing the sensuality of an intimate relationship with the subtle romance of unbridled, untamed nature. The amount of imagery begot from just three lines is enough to keep readers enchanted. With a keen eye for detail and creative phrasing, jade-pandora's gallery is sure to keep you coming back for more!"


a poem written for & given to me by my lovely friend poetries ...


you dance
with the abandon
of a gypsy,

your words
the golden bells
which knell
an invitation.

the bangles
on your wrists
jingle and ring,
jingle and sing
a resounding hymn,
one that draws my feet
to yours,

teaching me to dance
with the abandon
of a gypsy.


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