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by NemoX7

Hi, Nemo, guess who! I managed my way through the archaic-speak, and the length of this piece, and have come out the other side with an appreciation of your obvious efforts, and also am left, as a reader, with several issues to suggest edits for: The first thing I found myself doing right off as I b...

My admiration for this capture is heightened by #1: the use of black and white film, and #2: the way the photographer has set the lighting on the model’s skin. His choice of light and background brings out a satin tone, giving gradation of grays that impress the viewer with variations across every i...


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Feb 11, 2016
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Feb 9, 2016
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Magic Winter by KmyGraphic

Winter is upon us, except for those of you in the southern hemisphere, so maybe some of these featured holiday treats will help you folks down under to feel a little cooler!

I want to wish all of you reading this journal a fantastic holiday season however you celebrate. To be with ones you love, and be safe to greet the new year! And now, to start things off, here is a sample of my winter theme poetry, and you may notice too that this time around I'm featuring within a feature, a sleigh-full of wallpaper of all kinds so you can decorate your monitor screens in time for the big day, as well as your tree or unsuspecting pet!
:iconsantalaplz:Enjoy and cheers!

Winter calving
strange how they're born,
cascading thunder
its sound never reaching me
The Christmas PromiseBuilt of stones quarried from a century,
the cabin sits low with its back mortared
and braced against the north wind, ice bound
from days gone past in darkness before
the mem'ry of man, the cleaved glacier fields
of long ago to where they roamed,
settling the scarred land here, a man and
his woman have made this place their home
far from his family's village to the south
out of reach from the place of their birth,
eager to be challenged, as part of a
desolate earth of ungodly beauty:
The howl of wolves is music,
The sleet and rain their song.
The midnight sun that guides him
as eight Huskies race the laden sled away
from a town across the inlet where friends
have gathered there for some Christmas cheer.
The fur parka hood that's pulled 'round his face
starts to ice up from the cold as he
thinks of her through the sound of dogs
She tends to him, and their frontier home
where there's the promise of their firstborn
who hasn't introduced himself just yet.
She smiles at the image of her man

after, new snowfall
lays down a blanket
as we gather our clothes
Snow angels
the imprints you and I
left behind, fill with snow

MORE POETRY by other Santa's helper Deviants:
Winter WonderlandSnow blankets the fields that once were green
This Winter Wonderland which can be seen
Creating starkness in a shade of white
We gaze in awe upon this sight
Snowflakes drifting slowly to the ground
                     Floating softly without a sound
                     Placing shapes upon this earth
                     Filling hearts with Winter's mirth
All wrapped in garb to keep us cosy
Of joyous laughter and cheeks so rosy
We make snow-angels in the snow
Such sheer delight with eyes aglow
Snowballs flying through the air
As children play without a care
Shrieks of glee flow on the breeze
Another memory our hearts will seize
And when the day is finally done
We say far
Winter Wanderlust    i.
Last winter you held me
under the light of your
favorite constellation;
our entwined "I Do's"
floated up to become
lodged in the sky.
Every morning I woke
to a warm cup of Earl Grey
and a passionate kiss
on the counter top,
hoping the marred wood
wouldn't give way beneath me.
I even let you look
over my shoulder
as I poured my soul
onto a piece of paper,
handwritten memories
tinged with sepia
and wanderlust.
A whirlwind of postcards and
newspaper clippings.
That's what you called me.
Our walls
were painted
with verses of
my favorite poets.
From Eliot's
to the simple,
lines from the
threadbare man
we met
on St Rose
I taped his poem above
the bathroom mirror. I still remember
the way his face lit up when you
handed him that hundred dollar bill.
He thanked us with his written words.
We never did come home
from our honeymoon, did we?
Whenever you kissed my paper cut
fingers, my spine sang with

Winter's Kissi saw winter dancing
so i grabbed her
and pulled her in for a kiss.
with a sweet, slow
i swept her off
her feet,
and carried her down to summer.
Winter's ChildWinter’s Child
An immaculate adolescent was born,
Under the chill frigid conditions,
Resting beneath ivory flakes.
Pure powder covering her tresses,
As her white iris
Are revealed to the Heavens,
And the vapors open;
The flurry continues above.
Tips of her finger, nestled in her palms,
Before she places her outstretched fingertips,
Into the softness of the crystalline,
She rises, her feet buried in the fallen particles,
Standing tall in the blizzard.
She is the personification of the frost,
Of the cold, ice, and snow.
She is Winter’s Child.

Texas Winter HaikuRadio dreams
of a white Christmas ...
trees are still green.
Winter Storms miyojiwinter storms
they don't last long

frostbiteby our glowing hearth
a frosted glass moonrise—
I warm your hands
Renga Tree: Fresh Powdermy skin still tingles
from our snow bed-
we make new tracks

Winter Night Live Wallpaper by BaxiaArt Winter Wallpaper III by SvenMueller
Old Bridge Winter by taenaron Winter in Finland wallpaper by Rebekka85
Christmas Tree Wallpaper by think0 A Magic Christmas by DigitalPhenom
MERRY CHRISTMAS SINGLE by DigitalPhenom Christmas Holidays v.Red by adni18
Christmas Joy Widescreen by DigitalPhenom Merry Christmas Wallpaper by 878952
Happy Holidays Christmas Wall by Frankief Christmas on Main Street by AreteEirene
Santa Claus Moon by christiancaron54

Mature Content

Wallpaper - Kari Sweets $1$ by Przemyslav

little owl paper by Apofiss Christmas Magic by SilEnigmaArts
Leni: Hollywood scene by nosepilot A Kim Possible Nativity Scene by LMColver

Winter by grrroch Swedish winter 5 by TwiggXstock
Winter Sun by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Winter by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov
Winter Wonderland 28 by doruoprisan Winter wonderland stock 50 by Random-Acts-Stock

Winter's Nest by ldiehl Snowy Owl in snowstorm by gregster09
Holiday Card Project 2014: Owls by Camelid Spirits of Winter by JLGribble
Owl's hunting 4 by Danila-Neroznak Night owl by Leafbreeze7

A Christmas Coral by priteeboy Christmas Spirit by 00AngelicDevil00
Good Tidings for Christmas by brandrificus Holiday Scene by Violet-Kleinert
Waiting for Santa by LindArtz 'Twas the Night Before Christmas by RottenRagamuffin

Christmas Season by KmyGraphicMerry Christmas! by EastSideSunsets
  • Listening to: Mozart, and then Andy Williams
  • Eating: cold crunchy apples and carrot sticks
  • Drinking: bottled spring water

Note or Comment any Winter and Holiday deviations you'd like to see featured in my latest journal, one of your own, one of someone not already in the journal feature! 

1 deviant said Oh this is really neat! Yes, I can send you one of mine and one by someone from my favourites!
1 deviant said Oh nuts, I never did anything about winter or holidays, but I can send you one from a favourite choice that did!
1 deviant said I don't have anything offhand, but I'll let you know if I find something cause winter will be around a while!
No deviants said Hmm, I don't know anything like that from my favourites, but I have something of mine that I hope you'll include please!
No deviants said Whoever notes me or comments at the feature with a link, it can be anything that fits the featured categories!
No deviants said Remember, guys and gals, include a link from one deviation from you and or the one you've taken from your favourites, thanks!
No deviants said Jade sez: I'd love it if you would pimp my feature on your page cause winter is all season long!


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Temple of Isis, by Jade Pandora & Elan Hickler

The Flood - Katie Melua

Dois Irmaos - Como Vou Fazer - (Remix)

E Chiove - Andrea Bocelli

"Good reviews are bad for poets..."

"They tend to confirm one in one's own conceit -- unless they praise what you yourself don't like. Also, they make you self-conscious about your virtues -- just as when you praise a child for some natural charm. Also, they create an underground opposition: applause is the beginning of abuse. Also, they deprive you of your own anarchic liberties -- by electing you into the government. Also, they separate you from your devil, which hates being observed and only works happily incognito."

--from Ted Hughes to Anne Sexton, 1967

Jade's "S" Karuta card by moyanII

Karuta card S by moyanII

Loy Kratong - Thai Lantern festival by foureyes

I wrote a Tanka for Bernie when I saw one of his wonderful photographs from his Singapore set - I told him that it came to me like silk flowing over closed eyes:

Loy Kratong - Thai Lantern festival by foureyes
heavenly spirits
launching new stars
to join
the Milky Way arc
of dazzling lights

Review Competition 1.25.13


Hi, hon! As part of BloodshotInk's Review Competition, I'm going to be reviewing you--as an artist--here in the comments!

"Jade-Pandora is a true haijin master with a flair for mixing the sensuality of an intimate relationship with the subtle romance of unbridled, untamed nature. The amount of imagery begot from just three lines is enough to keep readers enchanted. With a keen eye for detail and creative phrasing, Jade-Pandora's gallery is sure to keep you coming back for more!"


a poem written for & given to me by my lovely friend poetries ...


you dance
with the abandon
of a gypsy,

your words
the golden bells
which knell
an invitation.

the bangles
on your wrists
jingle and ring,
jingle and sing
a resounding hymn,
one that draws my feet
to yours,

teaching me to dance
with the abandon
of a gypsy.


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