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October 31, 2012
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Rows of dried corn stalks bend
with the wind that
thirsts for rain
that will only come when it has died
and the ears of corn cease to rattle.

And the thunder's distant laugh
will chase after the snakes  
heading for their mounds on higher ground,
their husks abandoned-
the flash floods may yet pass them by.

:bulletpurple: 1/24/14: Featured here

Feature of Prompt Winners #1/2This is the first part of the winners of the prompt:
The following winners will receive a critique from me and Pauper-Circumstance on two of their poems, as well as a :+devwatch: from me. Now, they'll get a feature from here on :iconpoetrynprosewatchers: and on :iconthecritiquables:.
So, what're we waiting for? HERE WE GO!
An amazing poet honestly speaking. There is a significant degree of depth in her works, especially because her poetry deals with the self - its conflict, its indifference, its infighting, its struggles, its indifference... its a wonderful series of poems, and each one has something new to offer.
- My personal favourite of her works, still.

An equally eloquent poet. But the beauty of her works lie in how vivid and natural and, furthermore, general their scope te

:bulletgreen: Christmas Smiley 12/25/13: Featured here:

Feature #3 - All the Beautiful ThingsHey everyone! Welcome to the third feature of "All the Beautiful Things." This series includes pieces that can be described as lovely, charming, mesmerizing, magical, ethereal, or well...beautiful!
I had originally planned to limit this feature sequence to once a month, but in the spirit of Christmas, I decided to put together another one! There are just too many wonderful works that deserve to be showcased. So without further ado, I present to you these amazing pieces. Feel free to show the artists your support by giving them a +fav, comment, or Added to my devWatch!. Oh, and one more thing! I'd like to give a special shout out to =SolidMars and ~Kurosaki224 for bestowing upon me a one-year premium membership. I was totally not expecting that! Thank you both so much! Now for the feature!
Photography/Traditional Art/Artisan Crafts/Etc.

:bulletred: 12/10/13: Featured here:

Devious Journal EntryOh... Hey everyone!!! :wave:
Its us: =shehrozeameen, :iconpauper-circumstance: and ~UnThai !
So, what's up with today's journal... well, its going to be...
So what's going to be our first prompt...
You guessed it... Death.
Today's prompt was a collective idea of this administration. So, we asked ourselves, how do we define it?
Here's what came about:
Death is the parting of the soul from the body. That is my literary meaning of death. It is when we, as humans, pass onto another world. Or when we stop breathing.
Death in a figurative sense, has many different meanings. There can be emotional death, where a person experiences something and cannot come back from it, essentially "dying" from his former self.
There is actual death where a person just dies. ;)
Mental death is when a person goes crazy, dying from his sane self.
A person is also dead if he does not really "live" life. If he goes day by day wishing he were dead. In m

:bulletblack: 12/19/12: Featured here:

Poetry Screams Contest WinnersFor the fourth year, dreamsinstatic hosted the annual Poetry Screams contest. :pumpkin: The winners can be found below!
:bulletorange: First Place :bulletorange:

:bulletorange: Second Place :bulletorange:

:bulletorange: Third Place :bulletorange:

:bulletorange: Honorable Mentions :bulletorange:
'darling' is just a name. by BittersweetObsession settling debts by mothlets falling by nattrozanska The Season! by CrumpetsHarvey A Season's Echo of Passing by jade-pandora Nursery Rhymes by EtherealMartyr
Congratulations to all of you! :la:
On the topic of annual events, our annual Writing Tournament here at :iconwriters--club: will be starting up soon! We're welcoming all writers to join in this grand literally dual. Keep an eye out on the group blog, it will be announced very soon! [La la la la]

:bulletpurple: 12/17/12: Honorable Mention!

4th Annual Poetry Screams Prompt Contest [WINNERS]`dreamsinstatic's
Fourth Annual Poetry Screams Prompt Contest

This was the fourth year I've run this contest and this was the hardest to judge thus far!  The overwhelming amount of
amazing entries to this  contest made every decision almost impossible to make.  Never before have I had such
incredible difficulty narrowing down the entries to three winners.  Following in step with last year, because there were
so many amazing entries, I am including a few honorable mentions along with the winners. 
I want to thank all of you for your amazing work, for your efforts, for
creating such amazing pieces of poetry.  Not everyone can win, and
believe me I wish you all could.  Whether you won or not you should be
incredibly proud of your work.  These pieces have been truly wonderful
and by simply creating something for this contest you've given me such a

:bulletorange: 10/31/12: Written for and entered into dreamsinstatic's Poetry Screams Prompt Contest. The poem's prompt is "The Dying Season":

Poetry Screams Prompt Contest - Final Hours!:pumpkin:`dreamsinstatic's Fourth Annual Poetry Screams Prompt Contest:pumpkin:

:new:Although the contest deadline is approaching in less than four hours,
all entries received prior to 2pm EST tomorrow, November 2nd, will be accepted.
The contest closing article will be posted around 3pm EST on November 2nd.:new:
Introduction:  The time has come when the shadows begin to grasp more of the world
within their darkness.  Nature surrenders herself to the first hints of Winter's bitter embrace and
the world begins to change.  The earth rattles as dead leaves rain from the sky and the harvest
gives way to the wicked pursuits of the rising dead.  For a single night the living and the dead
share the same world and there is no certainty of a dawn on the horizon.
More prizes added (09/20)
More prizes added (09/21)
More Prizes added (10/05)
Contest Launch:  September 17

:bulletblue: 11/8/12: Featured here:


:bulletred: 11/3/12: Featured pick for All-For-Art's "Best Of" Poll #50…

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chadwood Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013   Writer
Again, very evocative.  You picture everything so clearly, and feel it, and think on it.  Memorable writing.
jade-pandora Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013
Gosh thank you so much.  It's wonderful to see you, Chad.  Your appreciation of anything I write means a great deal.
chadwood Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2013   Writer
Oh goodness, that's flattering.  You're one of the consistently good writers.  I like to pepper my gallery with some crude works here and there.
CelestialMemories Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Just gorgeous! :star: 

Your handle over imagery can't be beat! I'm always left with a smile on my face after I read your lovely work. c:
jade-pandora Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013
Aw thank you, sweetheart - you in turn bring smiles to my face on many occasions. :3
CelestialMemories Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:slipperyhug: by CookiemagiK
jade-pandora Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013
shehrozeameen Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You wrote in 10 lines what I've written in 1500 words in a manuscript of mine - which is only known to my eyes. Honestly... I'm in awe.

Its a beautiful poem. It honestly does justice to the title and I respect that. Its subtle (the use of allegories and the way the second stanza simply has this... evocative freedom portrayed in stark contrast with death in the previous stanza is just... amazing).

All in all, I'm genuinely in awe of your poetic presentation. You've honestly done an amazing job. :clap: bravo!
jade-pandora Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013
:thanks: oh my goodness... thank you for your (always) kind and generous words/thoughts.  I so enjoyed creating this piece, so it's lovely to see how well received it's turned out to be for readers who have embraced the world within it.
shehrozeameen Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:hug: I'm grateful to read your works. Honestly I am.

You're awesome. Period.
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