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February 7, 2010
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Her skin of powdered rice paper
the scent of rotting orchids,
a drug-induced Noh dancer with
slow-writhing limbs akimbo-

silver-gilded girl of the moment
at the factory that turned out
Monroe silk screens, and porn
to the drone of a refrigerator,

from asylum to the Big Apple,
the apple of her father's eye
and of his desires, she'd sleep
among the gay lovers, pretty boys

with erotic names of exotic birds,
knowing she was safe for a while
as they quarreled amongst themselves-

who'd bring her chocolate shakes,
and chauffeur their princess
to her doctor's for injections
(she was too much a lady to do it herself)

until her fingertips became match-heads
setting fire to hotel rooms,
flailing from inside a closet
while bellboys stole her furs-

face of a comatose junkie drawing deep
on filter-less cigarettes
(she wasn't afraid). And yet, what deeds
have you, Edith, what deeds?

But wasn't she fabulous! remembering
back when she and Suky spent trips
screaming from an open convertible
through the San Marcos Pass, their
bright scarves trailing like kite tails

in the same wind she'd ride her roan
along the spine ridge of Rancho Laguna
with no sense of dominion, and the land
with its wild fires that went on forever,

where the ashes of her brothers
and their self-possessed
and possessing father of eight
had been far-flung blown, and one day,
so too would hers, in the valley of Santa Inez.
:bulletred:Edie Sedgwick (1943 - 1971)

:bulletblue:Youthquaker of 1965, Warhol's underground superstar at his NYC factory with the silver foil walls, the Girl in the Black Tights. And the fine actress Kyra Sedgewick is related to Edith as her niece.

:bulletorange:Noh - Japanese classic theatre
:bulletgreen:*Suky - the youngest sister
:bulletyellow:Rancho Laguna - the 6,000 acre family ranch
:bulletpurple:San Marcos Pass, and Santa Inez Valley - near Santa Barbara, California

(preview photo from Wikipedia stock)
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Leopold002 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 21, 2014
+fav A comment on the "reality" of the 1960s... and the price that was paid.
jade-pandora Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
Thank you, Leopold.  Yes, and also a comment on a father from which she tried to escape which, unfortunately, is a common thing that happens still to this day.
Leopold002 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
tommyboywood Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
More often than not fame (or the yen for fame) destroys otherwise decent people. 
jade-pandora Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
Actually, she was an accomplished artist (primarily in sculpting), but had a family, particularly the father, who showed her several times that they thought she belonged in an institution.  Such things can do lasting damage.  For Edie, fame was attention, and attention was a way to confirm the power struggle she was trying to win, and eventually ultimately lost in the worst way.
irvon Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011
You set quite the ambience in this piece, I wouldn't want to have come to know about Edie in any other way!
jade-pandora Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
Oh gosh thank you so much - that means a lot! :hug:
RawPoetry Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011   Photographer
This is incredible, truly speaks to the nature of people and their many layers.
jade-pandora Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
I'm so glad for your appreciation, thanks very much! <3
AgentBabycakes Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
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