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Submitted on
August 8, 2007
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You make me want to be your angel.
You make me want to be like
nothing you've ever known,
only to have the two worlds collide.

Let us link hands and float away
to a place that defies everything,
effortlessly drifting, while we
flow in and out of each other.

If that could happen
I would never look over my shoulder.
I would never let go and run away because
I would never let go.

If that could happen
I wouldn't look back for the sound of crickets.
I would mesmerize to our bodies in unison.
Our eyes would stray toward the infinite

when the boundary of passion mutes,
where every night is a tantric journey
that would leave us vibrant and
resonant as the sound of lutes.
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thetaoofchaos Sep 28, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
I wouldn't look back for the sound of crickets.

sad and sweet. an unforgettable line.
You may be one of only a handful who have read this poem and let yourself be captured by this very line which holds a greater significance to the piece as a whole than most ever knew - those who skimmed over the lines, missing the finer message.

Also, this poem was written while I was in transition - emerging from one phase of my writing and passing into the next... this one showed me the start of the next phase.

(and a trivia note for you: this is also the oldest piece that I allowed in "Shooting Star" which is the only piece in the book's collection written before 2008; it's "old" by the standard of the rest, but I saw it still held up just enough next to the others to justify its inclusion)

Oh, I love this, the last two stanzas in particular... it's intense, and more "immediate" than other things I read from you, but is beautiful nonetheless. :heart:
Thank you so much, dear one - I'm so glad you have taken the piece in. :heart:
Now that is just beautiful :)
I'm so very moved that you think so, Phil -- thanks terribly :thanks: :heart:
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