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May 25, 2010
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"The Worm and the Epiphany"

Alas, the worm was blind.  Making its way through fertile earth, never meeting a soul, not even its own.  Not knowing kith or kin, it didn't seem to bother him as, day by day, he burrowed his tedious way through mulch and mire; heeding not the dark or the cold.  Not needing to ask the question that never would tire because it never grew old.  He was not simply "you" -- he was "it" who did not exist.

So on and on, as often goes with a worm, it continued the clandestine tryst to turn the soil.  It was what he had learned, or was born having known.  Was he born -- and born to toil? -- flashed a thought in the dark.  Had he not?  He never thought to ask it before.

Then suddenly, the worm broke through the crust of ground!  It squinted hard into a blinding light, and basked in the shade of a sunflower whose head bowed low with curiosity, and promptly doused the worm with a shower of dew.  And all around, he could see -- it saw!  A flood of yellow, and of blue -- and also green!  

What is "green"?  A gorgeous hue -- and instantly he knew.  He had been born, like every living thing -- it was true!  How else could it be -- this wondrous view by one so blind who now could see, in a place so blessed?  A place he had helped to make!

But he would reason, that it pays to work hard all of your days, and be born into a land of perfect seasons.
:bulletgreen:This lyrical prose, written especially for `fllnthblnk's "Fable Me This" Contest [link] , "The Worm and the Epiphany" shows how it feels to realize one's efforts have made a difference no matter how insignificant one is perceived.

:bulletorange:7.13.10: featured here: [link]
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andyslade Feb 28, 2011
A gem.
Ah most kind of you to say, Andy. And thank you for fav'ing it. <3
All has been said. So I can just re-iterate. Simply Beautiful.
I appreciate your words as much as anyone else's - thank you.
Elmara Jun 12, 2010  Student Writer
the ending is so powerful in it's simplicity. brilliant execution and ethreal imagery, as always. :heart:

:hug: Ah how this pleases me so, when you're able to feel that it's the simplicity that is the foundation of not only this, but any fable written. :heart:
Elmara Jun 15, 2010  Student Writer
very true :)
I've always had great respect for worms.
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